Tour ta Malta comes to an end with another successful result, Thank you all.

unfortunately the last stage of the Tour yesterday needed to be cancelled due to the strong winds that destroyed half of the tents setup! Due to the strong winds and rain it was decided that it would be safer to cancel the race. Never the less we had a great tour and we would like to thank everyone who participated and we would like to also congratulate the winners. 

We would like to also thank all our helpers who in some way or another assisted in the administration and logistics of the tour! 

We would like to also thank all our sponsors, especially our Main sponsors the Cyclist. Here are the overall winners of the tour: 

Best Local Elite: 1st: Christian Formosa 2nd: Alexander Pettett 3rd: Maurice Formosa

Best Local Ladies: 1st: Marie Claire Aquilina 2nd: Hannah Pace  3rd:Michelle Vella Wood 

Best Local Masters: 1st: Michael Camilleri 2nd:  Fabio Spiteri  3rd: Ivan Zammit

Best Overall Elite: 1st: Baldassare Barbera, 2nd: Will Corden, 3rd: Josh Housley

Best Overall Ladies: 1st: Mathilde Pauls  2nd: Marie Claire Aquilina 3rd: Gabriella Nordin

Best Overall Masters: 1st: Dave Mitchinson, 2nd: Andrew Hicklin 3rd: Filippo Porpora

Full results can be found here: 

Stage 3 Ladies Overall
Stage 3 Masters Overall
Stage 3 Elite Overall

Here are the results of Each Stage: 

Stage 1: 

TT Finishers

Stage 2:

 Stage 3 Finishers Elite
Stage 3 Finishers Ladies
Stage 2 Finishers Masters

Stage 3: 

Stage 3 Finishers Elite
Stage 3 Finishers Ladies
Stage 3 Finishers Masters

Photos Here: 

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