Wednesday 10th April 2019 - Arrival of all teams

Payment, Distribution of race numbers and Transponders: 7.00pm - 7.30pm

Technical meeting at Soreda Hotel (2 reps from each team): 7.30pm

Thursday 11th April Stage 1 - Mtarfa ByPass Time Trial

Individual time trial – Mtarfa Bypass
Departure hotel : 8:00am
Start of race: 10:00am  – Juniors, Masters, Ladies and Elite 5 laps 13.1km - 160m Elevation
Presentations: 12:30pm (approx)



Friday 12th April Stage 2 - Saint Paul's Bypass

Road race – Saint Paul's Bypass circuit
Departure from hotel: 07:30am
Start of race: 10:00am – 12 laps for Elite (65km - 960m Elevation) 8 laps for Master, Juniros and Ladies (43km - 640m Elevation)
Presentations: 12:30pm (approx)


Saturday 13th April Stage 3 - Zebbug ByPass

Zebbug Bypass
Departure from hotel: 7:30am
Start of race: 10:00am -  15 laps Elite (63.5km - 450 elevation) 12 laps Masters, Juniors and Ladies (43km - 300m Elevation)
Presentations: 12:30pm (approx)

Sunday 14th April Stage 4 - San Martin Circuit

Road Race - San Martin Circuit
Departure from hotel: 08:30am
Start of race 10.00am: 10 laps Elite (85km-1435m Elevation) 7 laps Juniors, Masters and Ladies (59.5km - 1004m Elevation)
Presentations: 1:30pm (approx)